Dog Grooming Massage Brush Glove Mitt - FREE SHIPPING

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Your pooch will love you for this! 

Bonding with your dog is a special feeling and brushing them regularly helps develop that makes them feel happier, healthier, and more loved.

This massage mitt not only brushes their fur and removes unwanted loose hair, it also deeply but gently massages them. Use it when bathing, or can also be used when dry.

Have only the best moments with your furry friend and enjoy your clean house! Stroke your precious pooch with this glove brush, forge closer bond between your dog and you!

This special glove...

-Massages and promotes blood circulation

-Brushes your dogs hair and give him or her a smooth and shiny look

-Removes loose hair during shedding

-Keeps your home cleaner by reducing the amount of loose dog hair

-Helps bathe your pet - glove can be used both wet or dry

Product Features:

-Multiple Soft Silicone Brush Tips

-Breathable Mesh

-Easy to Clean

-Durable Enough for Long-lasting Use

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