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When would you use this?
Barking is normal dog behavior, but when it is excessive, or occurs at inappropriate times, it can be a problem.

For example, if your dog's barking is keeping you awake at night and disturbing neighbors, then this device can be a real savior.

Use the Ultra-sonic bark buster to train your dog to stop barking and other annoying behaviors. Best used in conjunction with positive re-enforcement training. eg. When your dog barks, activating the device will emit a high frequency sound inaudible to human ears, but very annoying to dogs. Your dog will get a surprise, and stop barking. And if you then positively re-enforce them with a treat for having stopped barking, it will accelerate the effectiveness of changing the unwanted behavior permanently.

Although annoying to the ears of dogs, the sound emitted by the device is completely harmless to both dogs and humans. Some other high powered devices could be dangerous, but this one is well within safe limits.

The device also has an LED light, which works in conjunction with the sound. Once the dog associates the annoying sound with the light, just using the light on its own is often enough to stop the unwanted behavior.

The trainer is based on the theory that ultrasound (more than 20 KHZ) is above the upper limit of human hearing but is audible and distracting to dogs. The LED component of the device emits a 2800 mcd strong white light.


  • Frequency: 25 KHz
  • Sound Pressure: 130dB
  • Max current: 130 mA
  • Switch Mode:High/Middle/Low
  • Size: 13 x 4 x 2.6cm
  • Net weight: 97g
  • Package weight: 107g
  • Powered By: 9V battery (not included)
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